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 Dedicated Fitness Professional 
  Guaranteed Results 

Realign Therapy is a unique approach to stretch/manual therapy and personal training, dedicated to addressing imbalances and optimizing performance. Collaborating with individuals to craft personalized programs tailored to their specific requirements. Whether you are recovering from an injury or striving to elevate your athletic capabilities, Realign Therapy is committed to helping you attain your objectives.

Realign Fitness is curated by Chera Michele, a certified Sport Stretch Practitioner and Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). With a wealth of fitness experience, I am deeply committed to meeting the diverse needs of our clients. My passion in assisting individuals while staying at the forefront of our dynamic health and fitness industry. Realign Fitness is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and open to travel opportunities.










As a Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer, my mission is rooted in empowering individuals to lead their best lives, enjoy the journey, and attain fitness. Over the years, I have witnessed numerous remarkable transformations in those who have joined me on this path, including my own. Guided by this lifelong calling, I aspire to share this transformative journey with you.

Our unique stories and shared commitment to self-improvement

bind us together on the path to achieving our best selves.




My work focuses on

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) as utilized by the NASM

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) as utilized by the NASM

  • Group Fitness Instructor as utilized by AFAA

  • Stretch Therapist as utilized by Stretch Zone

Always experimenting with new fitness techniques, I'm equally comfortable with training athletes and aspiring athletes, and apply fitness training regimen according to the goals & needs of the client.

 Why Realign Fitness 

Suitable for Beginners









Professional Trainer & Practioner

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